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The public is given a behind-the-scenes look into Birthday Party and how Harold Pinter brought the play to life.

An actual copy of the Playbill from when The Birthday Party was in production

The Saturday Review is a magazine during the Pinter era and we want to give the public a view of what magazines and other publications were like during this time

A review of Harold Pinter's The Birthday Party in the local newspaper

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An editorial on the writing style of Harold Pinter

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A review of Harold Pinter's 'Accident.'

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A newspaper article reviewing one of Harold Pinter's esteemed plays.

Tareyton 100's are advertised on the back of The Saturday Review

Examples of advertisements during the 1960's and the Pinter era. In the bottom right corner you will notice an advertisement for alcohol which was very normal during this time.

An advertisement for two new Thunderbird cars during 1968. The advertisement gives a description of how cool they are and it is printed in color which isn't common for the time.
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